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“Young Chef” TEASLEY
It has been through inspiration, exceptional commitment and expertise that many great leaders leave impressionable legacies to the lives they touch.  The roles they play are uniquely beneficial to us.  With extraordinary intellectual and creative power, Antaun “Young Chef” Teasley has captured the essence of classic catering and the art of food design through the meals he prepares.

Antaun attributes his mother’s cooking as the inspiration to become a chef.  The name “Young Chef” is derived from the “young spirit” that Antaun poses.  His enthusiasm as a culinary professional creates an energetic vibe in the kitchen that is pulsated in the herbs and spices that make his Italian dishes legendary.

In 2000, Teasley received his credentials in Culinary Arts from the Pennsylvania Culinary in Pittsburgh.  Upon graduation, Antaun headed to Florida where he worked side by side with Executive Chefs James Reaux and Kevin Garcia at the Boca Raton Resort & Club and LUCCA Restaurant.  The South also provided Teasley an opportunity to further his education at the National Academy of Professional Arts in 2001, where he obtained his degree in Bartending, and cultivated a palette for fine wines.  He has also been a chef at award-winning restaurants such as Morton’s of Chicago, Ruth Chris Steakhouse and Giovanni’s in Cleveland, Ohio.
The best part of working is enjoying the job you perform.     “I love to see the expression on people’s faces when they taste my food.  If they’re happy, I’m ecstatic!”, proudly states “Young Chef” of his work.

Over the years, Young Chef’s fan base has grown from his native roots in Cleveland, Ohio, to around the globe.  His high profile athletic client roster includes the likes of Tedd Ginn, Timbaland, Dequan Cook, James Mungro, Rod Woodson, Bobby Huggins, Kenyon Martin, Ricky Davis, Paul Pierce, Delonte West, Gary Payton, Kendrick Perkins and a host of other celebrities, politicians, and athletes.

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